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CRICO Attribution Statements Policy

CRICO Grants

CRICO has funded important patient safety research from its members for over 20 years. We invest in efforts to improve the quality and safety of patient care. CRICO offers grant awards to stimulate research and patient safety interventions related to this goal. 

CRICO’s RFA Grant Program

It is a long-standing practice of CRICO’s to reinvest in our insured providers by inviting them to submit grant proposals through an annual Request for Applications (RFA) grant program. Broadly, this program supports the identification, evaluation, and implementation of patient safety solutions aligned with identified areas of medical malpractice risk.


On July 6th, CRICO announced its RFA opportunity as shown on our  Grants RFA Details page. This program is open to all CRICO member organizations and clinicians and employees at these institutions may apply.

CRICO’s Grant Funding in Action

CRICO’s grant-funded projects continue to stimulate research and patient safety interventions intended to improve the quality and safety of patient care. Past grant awards have developed interventions that have made a distinct impact on improving patient safety to include improvements is surgical safety, enhancements to patient electronic health records, and using artificial intelligence to augment diagnostic procedures.


Download this overview of CRICO grant-funded projects from 2015 to present.


Funding Opportunities

There is no active RFA at this time. Please check back around June or July of 2022.

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