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Enhancing Patient Safety in Pediatric Primary Care: Implementing a Patient Safety Curriculum

  • October 1, 2015

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In response to a trend of increasing malpractice claims originating from the ambulatory setting, in 2012, CRICO awarded funding to the Boston Children’s Hospital to collaborate with the Pediatric Physicians’ Organization at Children’s to establish an ambulatory Patient Safety (PS) program.

This article presents the novel design and implementation of a  multifaceted Patient Safety (PS) curriculum based on illustrative closed malpractice cases developed from CRICO closed claims data, reported safety events, or potential risks to PS identified within the participating practices. This project was supported by CRICO through the Ambulatory Risk Management Grant to Boston Children’s Hospital and the Harvard Medical School Fellowship in Patient Safety and Quality.


Citation for the  full-text:

Zenlea IS, Scheff E, Szeidler B, Tess A, Santangelo J, Sato L, Jenkins KJ, Focht G. Enhancing Patient Safety in Pediatric Primary Care: Implementing a Patient Safety Curriculum. Clin Pediatr.2015 Oct;54(11):1094-1101. doi: 10.1177/0009922815584929.